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Services included

- The bed is made on your arrival
- Towels supplied (bath towels, hand towels, washcloth)
- Household linen supplied (tea towels, hand wipes)
- Basketful of environmentally friendly cleaning products*:
washing up liquid // toilet cleaner // bathroom cleaner // floor cleaner // washing machine and dishwasher tablets // toilet paper // sponges // bin bags

- Optional: final cleaning 45€

*In order to preserve our environment and take care of our used water collection system, we ask that our guests only use environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Michèle & Jean-Pierre Clement
General measures

The tenants will not be allowed to, under any circumstance, take some rights or expand their stay on the premises after the rental period agreed on this contract, unless the owners say otherwise.

No alteration of this contract will be allowed unless both parties agree upon it.


The reservation will come into effect from the receipt of a copy of the sign contract and of the 20% deposit of the full payment by the agreed date.

The full payment will be asked of you on your arrival.

If the tenants arrive at a later date than expected, they will have to inform the owner beforehand, and send them the full payment for the initial arrival date.

Deposit for breakages

The deposit for breakage can't exceed the full amount of the stay for a month. It will have to be paid to the owners upon arrival, in order to cover for the potential damages such as furniture, for instance.

Generally speaking (when the tenants leave the cottage at the agreed hour), this deposit will be given back to the tenants before leaving (after inspection of the premises), or within a maximum of two months after leaving, after covering the repairs in case of damages.

If the deposit for breakages is revealed to be insufficient to cover for the damages made, the tenants must agree to pay extra towards the repairs.

This deposit is independent from the rental payment and will not contribute to it.

Conditions of tenancy

The tenants will peacefully enjoy the rent and will make appropriate use of it, according with the purpose for which the property was intended.

Upon leaving, the tenants must agree to leave the premises as clean as they found them.

All the equipment listed in the inventory will have to be put back where it was at the time of arrival.

The tenants will have to take care and be cautious with the electrical, heating and sanitary facilities.

Any repairs made necessary because of a misuse from the tenants will have to be at the cost of the tenants.

The present rental agreement cannot benefit to other people, unless agreed otherwise with the owners.

Under any circumstance the tenants cannot sub lease the premises, even for free, on pain of cancellation of the present contract, and the tenants will not get a refund on the rest of the stay.

The leased premises are meant for temporary accommodation or holiday, excluding any professional, commercial or artisanal activity, or even any complementary activity.

The tenants cannot set up tents or park caravans on the grounds of the leased premises, unless first agreed by the owners.

The owners will have to provide the tenants with the accommodation as they described it and will keep it in good condition.

Generally speaking, the tenants will leave the premises at the time agreed by the contract, or at an hour agreed with the owners, after inspection of the premises.

Specific cases

The number of tenants cannot exceed the maximum accommodation capacity stated in the description of the premises.

Exceptionally, and only if agreed by the owners, exceptions can be made to this rule. In this case, the owners will be allowed to ask for a higher price, that will have to be communicated to the tenants beforehand, and added to the tenancy contract.

Inspection of the premises and inventory

Inspection of the premises and inventory of the equipment and furniture will be made at the beginning and at the end of the stay by the owners and the tenants.

If it is not possible to inspect the premises and make the inventory on arrival, the tenants will have 24 hours to check the inventory and notify the owners of any discrepancies noticed. After 24 hours, all the furniture and equipment inside the leased premises will be considered as being in good order when the tenants arrived.

If it is not possible to inspect the premises and make the inventory on leaving, because of a departing hour different from the one stated in the agreement and incompatible with the owners, the owners will still make the inventory at the first agreed hour and will send the deposit for breakage back to the tenants within a maximum of 2 months after leaving, if there is no damage and if the premises are in good condition.

If the owners notice any damage, they will have to inform the tenants within 8 days. As a result, they will have a maximum of 2 months after the tenants left to give them their deposit back, after covering for the repairs due to the potential damages, losses of equipment, cleaning, etc.

Damages duly recorded will cause a deduction on the deposit for breakages, whose amount will be decided jointly by the owners (or their representatives) and the tenants. In case of disagreement, the tenants can ask for an estimation from a professional or an approved organization before they leave, or if they don't, the owners will. In this case, the deposit for breakages will be given back to the tenants by mail within 15 days, after covering the repairs estimated by the quote.


The presence of domestic animals despite the owners disagreement will lead to this contract to be voided.

Cancellation policy

Any cancellation must be notified to the owners by registered letter.

a // Before entering into possession of the premises:

If the tenants cancel their stay, the deposit will not be refunded.

b // If the tenants do not come on the date specified by the contract, or within 24 hours, and without warning the owners:

- This contract will be deemed as void.

- The deposit will not be refunded.

- The owners shall use of the rental place as they please.

c // If the owners cancel the stay:

The owners shall refund twice the deposit paid by the tenants upon cancellation of the stay.

Interruption of the stay

If the tenants interrupt their stay earlier than planned, and if the owners’ responsibility cannot be called into question, there will be no refund other than the deposit for breakages.


The tenants shall insure the premises that are rented to them or put into their custody.

Therefore, they have to check if their main housing insurance policy covers the “holiday” extension.

If not, the tenants shall ask to their insurance company for such a “holiday” extension or subscribe to a specific holiday rental policy.

An insurance certificate or, if not possible, a declaration on their honour, will need to be provided by the tenants upon arrival.